PKSMARTSHOPPING.COM would like to present our new Natural products that are now available in Australia. 

For many years I have endured skin problems either too dry in the cold season and too oily in the build up hot season. I have spent so much money and wasted it on the products that i was not satisfied with. Most products in the market contain so much oil and artificial chemicals that left my skin felt greasy and heavy, as if, putting on a mask on my face all day. As results, I ended up stop using all products.

I later learnt the hard way that our skin can become tough and cracked from drying out without a moisturizer. Dry skin will also cause fine wrinkles and eventually deep ones and breakouts. I also learnt that it is critical for all skin types to use moisturizer because it acts like a shield to keep water from evaporating away from the skin, consequently, helps to hold in hydration.

Now, I have found the Natural Jasmine Rice Milk lotion that formulated from natural ingredients that I have used as a moisturizer and loved it.

This lotion is also good for Oily skin types because most moisturizers are way to heavy for the skin and either cause breakouts or make the skin feel greasier. It can become a slippery slope because people want to keep their face very clean to keep the oil away but then won't use a moisturizer and leave their skin exposed to loose it's moisture. So this is a great product to suit everyone’s needs. I hope you will enjoy it too.

So why don’t you give it a try and I would love to hear your feedback