Acupressure Yoga Health Fitness Mat - Shakti Kung Fu Pilates Acupuncture

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If you want to feel stronger, be healthier and have more energy our new acupressure/nail mat is just what you need! No matter the nature of your workout or health need - acupressure, kung fu, shakti massage, yoga and other health and sports pursuits - this attractive greenmat will help you attain your goals. Our attractive all-purpose mat will help you in a variety of important ways. If you are suffering from stress, sleepless night or lack of energy, our mat will provide the relief you need. End muscle tension, stiffness, headaches and back or neck pain with regular use of this amazing mat. Better rest and a stress-free life can become your new reality! Features: Reduce pain, stress and tension Improve circulation Increase energy and relaxation Maximize endorphin level and oxygen intake Improve sleep, digestion and mood Attractive green and white color Specifications: 75 x 44cm (30" x 17") Includes bag and rope