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LIMITED SUPPLIES!! Available Here Only While Stock Last!! DIY Natural Herbal Hair Remover Wax For You To Enjoy Your Day Spa At Home During a Holiday Season. Grab It Now!!

I always embarrassed about my eyebrow since I was a teenager.

Both of my eyebrows are joined together into one! I received lots funny comments about it.

I had tried waxing products over the years including hot wax, dissolvable hair removal products, etc, I found them highly irritating to my skin and left me burned.

Until I have found Herbal Honey Hair removal wax and used it to remove my eyebrow to make it two eyebrows!! I felt satisfied after using it because it is very gentle to my skin and highly natural.

The main secret ingredient of this wax is the natural honey that has been used for centuries as an anti- inflammatory and soothes the skin. The honey thick formula makes it ideal for waxing and the removal of thick hair.


- Other means of plugging is Waxing

- Hurt once because we use a strip

- Save time to do waxing compare to plugging

- Honey has property that reduces Irritation on skin